Friday, June 30, 2017

Velo Vermont presents: Vintage MTB Rally and Klunker Jam! July 16th 2017, RIPM Trails Vermont

Join Velo Vermont for our 2nd annual
Vintage MTB Rally & Klunker Jam

Bring an old mountain bike for a fun time.
Free event! But T-shirts will be available for sale.
BYO cookout; beers, grillables, singletrack ride (as weather allows), skid competition, and gum wall tire staring.... etc.
Meet at 5 pm on Jluy 16th 2017 at 362 Taylor Farm Rd in Plainfield, VT. Rides and shenanigans to follow.
RSVP on Facebook! See you then!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

We rolled from Spring into Summer! What a lovely Ride!

Velo Vermont Spring Roll was a great success. We enjoyed every minute of the ride, the weather played along nicely and the Spring Rolls as well as the refreshments along the way were well received.
The course is one to remember and ride again, and we would like to thank our sponsors for the ride, Red Hen baking for baguettes (and much needed carbs after the ride), Nutty Stephs for hosting and the little granola packs that pretty much helped everyone up Stone Rd. as well as Good Measure Brewing (who pretty much didn't help anyone up Stone Rd.) but made for a great mid-ride beer stop in an awesome location!
Here's some pictures. Stay tuned for more, and we thank you for your support - as always.
Velo Vermont.
PS. Drop us a line if you are still interested in the T-shirt of your summer: Hand tie-dyed and screen printed!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Velo Vermont Spring Roll 2017

Join Velo Vermont for our second annual Spring Roll on May 21st 2017; It's more than a ride, but less than a race, and it's mostly gravel.

No entrance fee, no frills, some beers stashed in the woods, and a good tough early season ride with friends, not 600 goobers with carbon wonder-bikes that don't know how to shift.  This is not a vintage ride, don't bring your corn-cob bikes with dry-rotted sew-ups.
Expect a fun casual vibe, some modest food and drink fare, warm sun and/or cold rain, and some classic Vermont backroads.  
Nutty and Chased, Chandler, to Northfield Gentrified Store, lots of Lover's lanes, and a dance with the Devil in the Washbowl.
Leaves from Middle Ground (behind RedHen Bakery & Nutty Steph's) in Middlesex, Vermont. May 21st.
We hope to see you there.

True Love

Velo Vermont

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Coming up: Velo Vermont Spring Roll - May 21st 2017

You are in for the ride of your life! 
Image result for gravel road ride
Velo Vermont challenges you to step/roll out of your comfort zone and into Spring.....We present you the Velo Vermont Spring Roll! Sunday, May 21st 2017, from Middle Grounds in Middlesex, Vermont. (Behind RedHen Bakery and Nutty Steph's).

This isn't going to be your toughest Gravel Grinder, this isn't going to be the latest, greatest, biggest bike event, or slickest century ride, don't bring Stravaganza or your Powermeter, don't expect fully stocked aid stations.....
There might be Spring Rolls, it's going to be hard, there might be Chocolate, probably some flat tires, and for sure lots of steep, gnarly uphills and fun downhills.
Nutty and Chased, Chandler, to Northfield Gentrified Store, lots of Lover's lanes, and a dance with the Devil in the Washbowl. Just like a good Punk Rock concert, and a little bit of history, maybe a lemonade stand along the way...
You don't need a vintage bike for this, but bring it if it's your favorite. Bring what you love! Put on your wolf suit. Let the walls become the world all around you. 

Stay tuned for more details. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

What an evening! What a book!

We had a fantastic evening with author and Associate Professor Bob McCullough, presenting his book 'Old Wheelways - Traces of Bicycle History on the Land'. About 40 people attended the event at Onion River Sports in Montpelier, and listened carefully as Bob talked about the history of the bicycle, the formation of the first bicyclist's clubs and club houses and the development of 'sidepaths' across the country. In the following discussion one of the main questions raised was: "Why are bicycle clubs and their club houses around any more?"
Following the presentation we sold Bob's book and he signed the copy for everyone personally. If you missed out on this and are still interested in getting your own copy of the book, just shoot us a note and we will make it happen for you.
Velo Vermont would like to thank everyone who came to the event! We hope you had as great a time as we did! Thank you also to Bob McCullough for giving this wonderful presentation. It was fun and an honor to organize this event!
Stay tuned for the next Spring Ride (this time a little less 'vintage' maybe, and more 'adventurous & interesting'.)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Traces of Bicycle History on the Land - Book Signing Feb 17th 2017

"[...] the challenge of finding one's way created an entirely different travel experience, changing the relationship between the traveler and his or her surroundings. A self-powered cyclist charting an unknown course is forced to observe land features that other travelers, those reliant  upon shared, route-bound transportation, are unlikely to notice."

Velo Vermont Vintage is starting the year 2017 off right! This winter we present to you:

An evening with local author and Associate Professor of Historic Preservation at the University of Vermont Robert McCullough presenting and signing his newest book "Old Wheelways - Traces of bicycle history on the land."

"Old Wheelways" captures the incredible development of the bicycle in its history, to the first long-distance rides and adventurous tours by bike, as well as the evolution of the first journals and magazines about travels by bicycle. Imagine going on a multi-day bike tour, without road names, maps or google maps and GPS! Relying on other riders descriptions, diaries, journals and pictures, this type of bicycle touring made for a real adventure. Also, it led to the development of an extended network of bicycle paths around New England and the country. 
Robert McCullough will present all this with a fantastic collection of photographs and slides. 

Join Velo Vermont Vintage for an evening of books, photos, vintage bikes and celebrate the joy of riding in the country, for the sake of seeing things you wouldn't necessarily if you were walking or driving! 

Come by Onion River Sports in Montpelier, VT on Friday, Feb 17th 2017 at 6:30 pm for a visual presentation by the author, pick up a signed copy of this wonderful book (at a discounted price), and get excited about this coming season of riding (classic) bikes in the beautiful countryside of Vermont! 

To pre-order a signed copy of this fantastic book please fill out the following google form and we will have it waiting for you on the 17th! (If you would like a copy of the book and can't make the event we can absolutely find a way to accommodate an alternative pickup). We are raffling off a free signed copy to everyone who RSVP'd! It only takes a few seconds!

Yours truly, 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Velo Vermont Vintage Road Ride Re-cap and Photos

It was a fantastic L'Eroica style ride on September 20th here in Vermont and with the weather holding up nicely and the chilly temperatures, blue sky and beautiful autumn colors, everyone who came enjoyed the 28 miles through Vermont's finest hills and most scenic dirt roads!
See for yourself! We hope to see you all out again for more vintage bike riding next year!